Hotel Panorama

Conference halls

Hotel Panorama is a conference hotel near Warsaw in which architectural solutions have been specifically adapted to the needs of organisers of training courses, conferences and trade shows.

Modern, well-equipped conference halls are a great asset of our hotel. Our 20 years’ experience in serving business clients and the rising numbers of satisfied customers are a guarantee of success for your meetings. If you pick us for your event you can count on professional service and the possibility of adjusting space, menu and price variants to your needs.

On the whole, Hotel Panorama offers 23 conference halls across three locations:

  • the Hotel building,
  • the Highlander Cottage,
  • the Zbiroża Estate.
  • You can pick the type of room to the requirements of a business meeting. Hotel Panorama provides rooms in a modern, elegant style, as well as rustic-style rooms.
  • Conference rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia and audio-visual equipment, which allows creating the perfect conditions for those who conduct and participate in the meeting.
  • Additional capabilities of promoting the organiser’s products or services on such devices as: advertising videos screened in the lobby, information monitors in front of conference rooms, rental of exhibition space.
  • Menu adapted to the nature of the meeting.
  • Technical assistance for every conference and training included in the price.
  • We can collect you from the airport, bus station or office, or transfer you to a place of your choosing on individually agreed terms.
  • We can provide additional attractions during time off between conferences: team building activities at the Teambuilding Centre, leisure activities within the Hotel grounds, team building evenings in the form of a formal dinner with additional attractions and more!
  • the walls are soundproof,
  • the floors are lined with an elegant carpet
  • electronically regulated access to sunlight,
  • the halls are air-conditioned, and the AC system can be electronically regulated,
  • digital sound system,
  • we provide the multimedia and audiovisual equipment necessary for conferences, shows and projections,
A place where tradition meets modernity.
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