Hotel Panorama

Picnics and concerts

A fenced area with an area of 5 ha, with no landscape barriers, featuring well-mown grass and a spacious car park, is the ideal space to host picnics, concerts and open-air events.

Picnics near Warsaw organised at Zbiroża can be really huge. We can organise a picnic for as many as 5000 people, with full catering and technical facilities.

Our grill shelters are equipped with benches and tables which can accommodate 600 people eating foods prepared at the food stations.

We implement our customers’ plans, while also providing a number of our own standard attractions:

  • inflatables,
  • trampolines,
  • merry-go-rounds,
  • railways,
  • tracks for kids cars,
  • pony riding pen
  • and many others.

We can also host concerts, preparing a platform or stage with the set dimensions to order.

The subcontractors we have worked with regularly for years provide us with professional lighting and stage sound systems

A place where tradition meets modernity.
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