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TEAMZONE (TeamStrefa) is a professional centre that combines an entertainment park for grown-ups with a specialised venue for team building.

It was established 17 years ago at the Zbiroża Estate owned by our Hotel. The centre can host both outdoor training courses and team building events or occasions, while also offering a full range of catering and hotel services.

Take the challenge!

Test yourself in unusual situations!

Feel the power of your team!

TeamZone is a place that wants to use exciting entertainment, games and tasks to inspire people to overcome their barriers, teach them to act more effectively, communicate more efficiently and activate their potential.

Your team is forged in action. And it happens faster if it achieves its first success early. The more exciting the objective and the more engaging the path to it, the more authentic the reactions and the better the opportunity to more fully assess each of your team members’ personality and skills.

  • climbing wall
  • rope bridge
  • tyrolean traverse
  • crossing areas
  • Suzuki Samurai off-road track
  • ATV track
  • Powerturn track
  • airgun shooting range
  • archery shooting range
  • basketball court
  • football pitch
  • volleyball court

Our rules and procedures, well-cared for equipment and highly-qualified staff ensure safe and great fun for organised groups.

Our own team building schemes:

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A place where tradition meets modernity.
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