Hotel Panorama

Exhibition areas

Exhibition areas at Hotel Panorama are ideal to organise congresses, product launches, trade shows, exhibitions, seminars and other meetings.

Our total exhibition area is 1039 square metres. The room s can be regulated using a special system of modular walls. This makes it possible to adapt our conference rooms and exhibition areas to the nature of a specific event.

The Hotel’s exhibition areas are located on the ground floor, which allows bringing cars into the exhibition rooms.

The ground floor includes:
reception desk, restaurant, drink bar, changing room, luggage room, play room, toilets, spacious reception halls, door to the hotel patio.

Organisers can prepare their own reception desk. The reception halls provide space for an exhibition of additional advertising material, e.g. roll-ups, as well as showing the Organiser's advertising videos on a large-screen plasma TV (60”).

In front the Hotel features flagpoles for corporate flags to be put on.

The Hotel’s patio is also a perfect place to organise an open-ar exhibition, with the Highlander Cottage and greenery as a backdrop.

A place where tradition meets modernity.
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