Hotel Panorama


Several months ago the world’s deepest diving pool was opened close to Hotel Panorama***. The professional term for the facility is a multi-zone simulator of diving conditions – a complicated name for a place where you can experience the adventure of your life.

There are only three venues of this type globally. The two others are: Nemo33 near Brussels, with a depth of 34 m and Y-40 Deep Joy near Padua with a depth of 42.5 m. Deepspot has a depth of 45.5 m and is the most modern of all. The water table is 20 m x 25 m. The depth of the main pool is 20 m. The major attraction is a five-level cave with bas reliefs and shipwreck in the bottom, a freediver lift and a viewing tunnel located 5 m underwater.

The diving centre in Mszczonów was quite a technological challenge for its constructors. Constructing a 50-metre deep pool was difficult in and of itself, because the retaining walls had to withstand the pressure of 50 tonnes per square metre. In order to grasp this, imagine that we put eight African elephants on one square metre! The place was entered into the Guinness Book of Records because of its depth. 

A place where tradition meets modernity.
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