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Normobaria Eden – normobaric house

Normobaria Eden – normobaric house

Normobaria Eden has been established in the middle of the forest, in the Budy Mszczonowskie village, just 4 km from Hotel Panorama. The normobaric chamber has been finished with natural materials – cotton and cork – and is powered by solar energy. This eco-friendly design was created according to the parameters and recommendations of Jan Pokrywka, MD.

At the normobaric house, the air pressure reaches 1500 HPa and is 50% higher than the typical air pressure we live in. Thanks to high pressure, all gases present in the air have a stronger effect on the human body:

  • the level of oxygen increases up to 37-40% and the element enters the human body at the cellular level, with its presence being felt by the system at 100%
  • hydrogen – present at 0.5%, it neutralises the harmful hydroxyl radical and slows down cell division.
  • carbon dioxide – its volume increases fifty-fold, i.e. from 0.9 to 2.7%. It facilitates the transfer of oxygen to blood. Increased levels of carbon dioxide allow more oxygen to go through.

These conditions lead to twice as many stem cells being produced in our body. This leads to the regeneration of damaged organs. You can stay inside the chamber for as long as you wish. According to scientific studies, similar conditions were present in distant past, when enormous plants grew and giant animals roamed the Earth.

A normobaric chamber works in two ways – it regenerates damaged tissue and promotes longevity.

You can take advantage of oxygen therapy both during the day and at night. You can choose 2-hour sessions during the day or 12-hour ones for the night.

The employees of Hotel Panorama who visited Normobaria recommend this place as the perfect way to regenerate your body and restore your fitness.

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