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Skulski Las Nature Reserve

Skulski Las Nature Reserve

If you want to take a breath of truly clean air and immerse yourself in the tranquil silence of the forest, visit the Skulski Las landscape and forest nature reserve, which has a large area of 316 ha.

Most of the reserve is covered by the Skuły Wilderness where the pristine forest has been preserved. This enchanting place offers a glimpse of the primaeval forest, featuring spectacular sights and rare plants. The nature reserve is dominated by wet-ground forests, ash-alder and elm-ash riparian forests and blackcurrant alder swamp.

The Skulski Las Reserve is rich in rare plant species: isopyrum thalictroides, fumewort, ranunculus cassubicus, carex pilosa hairy sedge, yellow star-of-Bethlehem, common toothwort, lesser celandine and alternate-leaved golden-saxifrage. It also features protected species, such as European wild ginger, eggleaf twayblade, bird’s-nest orchid, heath spotted-orchid and cowslip primrose.

The most coveted botanical attraction of the reserve is the globeflower, which has its equivalent among decorative plants. However, it is close to extinction in the wild. The globeflower is a toxic plant avoided by animals. It has incredible golden flowers and is particularly enchanting when it grows in clusters.

Hotel Panorama is located just 12 km from the reserve. The best way to visit Skulski Las is by bicycle, which lets you admire the spectacular natural environment at ease. You can rent bicycles free of charge at the Hotel and the trip should not be too hard even for children.

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