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Palace Garden and Krasiński Palace

Palace Garden and Krasiński Palace

In the centre of Radziejowice and 3km from Hotel Panorama lies the Scenic Landscape Park with an area of 26 ha. An English-style park, with a loose, irregular, free and asymmetrical structure, established in 1817 by Emilia and Józef Krasiński, designed by a friend of the family, lieutenant Aleksander d’Alphonce de Saint Omer.

Instead of geometrical plant forms, it features lawns and meadows. Yet the water elements, which had been prepared before, were preserved. These included the pond, small canals running through the park, a 17th-century main avenue and a linden-lined road separating the residency from the manor buildings, which is still there.

The Palace Park is a spot for family strolls and picnics. The most pleasant stroll route leads along the pond created by damming up the water of the Pisia-Gągolina river. The avenue goes through a bridge on the dam taking visitors to the other side of the pond, which features a beautiful view of the water and the old 19th-century mill. The path runs alongside the water, narrows down and leads to a rather wild area of the park, where plants abound. The way back is via bridges to the other side of the river, featuring old trees, big and energetic standalone trees standing on clearings and right next to the water. From behind the greenery there emerge the impeccably white buildings of the palace and castle, which was initially a fortified tower Among the trees you can also find a Swiss Villa, a larchwood manour house called “Ossolineum”, a blacksmith’s shop and semi-detached grange houses.

The palace houses a museum of paintings by J. Chełmoński and the Artists’ Retreat under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The exhibition of works by Chełmoński is open to visitors for a small fee.

You can spend many hours in this beautiful place, watching the sculptures placed in the park and admiring various tree species, described in detail on plaques. If you become hungry, you can eat on the terrace of the palace restaurant or take away a cup of coffee. The Park in Radziejowice is one of those places that never get boring as a place for strolls.

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